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All the booking can be made online by filling up the booking form followed by online payment option that can be made through any of the credit/debit cards by CC Avenue gateway. We also facilitate booking made for any person other than card holder provided user signup and verify his/her no from our automated system, by filling up details of card holder for payment and details of user for booking. As we use CC Avenue  payment gateway for payments and CC Avenue has a 128 bits SSL encryption technology compliant solution certified by VeriSign, hence ensures that the data and transaction that you are doing on our website is completely safe and discrete.

Standard Operation process

  1. The user shall be asked to signup prior to make a booking and after signup user shall be able to make booking and make payment online. Upon completion of the order and info voucher would be dispatched by automated system mentioning all the details filled by user for making a car rental booking with us. Any discrepancy or error in info shall be immediately brought in notice to Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! to ensure smooth functioning.
  2. The driver detail and other confirmed info would be dispatched later on , latest by 3 hours prior to travel journey via mail/sms or both, meanwhile duty and detail confirmation would be done from our call centre.
  3. Traveller shall ensure that booking ref and voucher shall be presented to the cab driver before boarding a cab , user can opt to flash the message sent from our system to ensure the right pick up or the voucher print out shall be handed over to the cab driver. The driver can refuse the trip upon filure of providing correct info booking and company would not take any liability or so for the accomplishment of said duty and any sort of claimed refund.
  4. We understand that when customer is presenting the booking voucher either via a print out/sms/mail , they have understood and acknowledged all the terms and conditions imposed by car rental company Helioscabs,.
  5. Only upon completion of duty the customer shall fill in the duty slip detail ensuring right entry of opening and closing. We declare that the opening and closing KM of a said trip would be calculated from Garage to Garage.
  6. The driving speed of the vehicle for the said trip shall be in accordance to the directions of local authorities and situation of road. Customer shall not endorse the idea or force driver to do over speeding or rash driving.  None of such request or orders would be executed and driver holds complete right to deny any such kind of request.
  7. All opening and closing km shall be calculated from (Vendors’) Garage to garage unless specified otherwise.
  8. Kindly note the distance calculation done on our website is inferred from Google API and is subject to change depending upon the actual location of pickup and garage. This facilitation is done to make customer understand the minimum route usage and may vary from actual travel the billing would be calculated over and above the usage of km which is being allocated for a trip. If in a case the usage is below the booked route, customer shall make full payment without any deduction and if it surpasses the allocated route than customer shall pay extra depending of tariff suggested.
  9. AC of the car might not work on the roads of hills and when the car is not in motion. We request customers’ to not to request or order driver to make AC functional is such cases.
  10. Discount coupon is mandatory to avail any such kind of Discounts or promotions. In case of cashback the company holds the right give customer coupon worth the amount for next usage and in case of reversal into your credit or debit account from which the payment was initiated for Helioscabs would be reversed in approx. 15 days from date of pickup date.
  11. Discounts via coupon are only applicable on the basic fare and would not be implied on extra charges such as, Toll, Parking, State Taxes and Entry, Ex Km, Ex Hour, Driver Allowance, Night Charges etc unless specified
  12. Any vehicle booked by our customer shall be subject to the availability of same and incase of non-availability the same category but other model vehicle would be offered to the customer.
  13.  It may happen that for some travel routes, the cab model which was reserved earlier by a customer online will not be able to actually run during travel due to the prevailing road conditions (OR) the probable danger of natural disasters. The reasons mentioned are beyond the control of Helioscabs. In such a case Helioscabs will provide an upgraded cab model which is typically used in that region at an additional charge. If the customer does not want Helioscabs to provide an upgraded car model a refund will be made.
  14. For bookings under Transfer and local car rental services shall remain valid only within city limits. For assigned car rental services any such request for out station travel beyond city limits shall be denied by the driver without any liability to refund the booking amount.
  15. Helioscabs venture of Helios India currently would only operate in Mumbai and would provide Vehicle/Car Rental Services to the customers either from Mumbai or Visiting Mumbai. Any desperate booking made from any other location pickup, Helioscabs hold the right to cancel the transaction without any communication.  We have our setup in Mumbai for Car Rental and we would be informing customer as and when we would be expanding out of Mumbai or tapping any region for car rental apart from Mumbai.
  16. Any change in the booked request by customer shall only be entertained if done 24 hours prior to the duty date. O refunds will be made to the customer in cases of NO SHOW wherein the customers has not informed Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! in advance. Any changes expected shall be immediately consulted with Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! on  022-29272353 and to make any changes CRN or booking ref detail shall remain mandatory.
  17. The waiting time would be included into the Pickup time, maximum of 15 minutes from scheduled pickup time shall be considered beyond that Pick Time would be punched freezed and calculation would be done on the same basis.
  18. Customer shall pay the extra charges for any kind of extra travelling in terms of Extra KM or Extra Hours (Mentioned in Package)
  19. Any duty shall be considered of Calendar Day basis. For ex. At any selected day would start from 12:00 to midnight. 12:00. To depict any vehicle booked for 1st Jan and pickup time is 3:00 p.m. so the booking is valid till 11:59 p.m. of the same day and not 3p.m. on 2nd Jan.
  20. Two duties shall not be clubbed in same package. For ex  if a vehicle is booked for Outstation for a said date and the car shall only be used for 250 kms  for outstation only and cannot be used in Local Trip or vice versa. Both duties shall be treated separately with respective payments.
  21. The duty shall be termed cancelled on No Show of customer for more than 1 Hour from the duty allocated time if not confirmed at office or driver regarding change in time and no refund would be made in any ways.
  22. At any allocated duty the customer shall bear all the extra charges like DA, Extra Km exceeding KM mentioned in package , Toll, Parking, Night Charges, State Entry, Taxes, Entry etc. The voucher mailed to customer is an indicative of minimum KM usage and charges would vary if vehicle is used for Extra KMs, Extra Day, Extra Hours with respect to duties.
  23. For a trip under oneway outstation category the charges would include the package charges along with if extra KM run is required to report to garage back, Extra Time, Night Allowance etc.
  24. For Airport Transfers in Mumbai, Package doesn’t include multiple location pickup or drop. Transfers are point to point and vehicle being hired would cater only Point to Point pickup or drop.
  25. Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! shall not be held accountable for any kind of delay and leading to any loss which are beyond control of driver or company, for ex. Traffic Jam  accident etc.
  26. Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! cannot be hold accountable for any loss, damage, physical injury etc suffered by the customer while availing its services. 
  27. Customer shall immediately report any conduct by driver leading to misbehaviour to our support team of Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! at 022-29272353, customers are advised to keep the CRN or Booking ref to help you in better way.
  28. Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! is an aggregator for car rental and doesn’t hold any responsibility of any damage or loss occurring because of cab/vehicle hired.
  29. Any booking made with Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! , wherein the customer has already received all the details pertaining to car being hired in mode of SMS or mail and post that if vehicle doesn’t report on time or No Show the duty would be termed as cancelled due to failure. IN such situation Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! take responsibility and pledge to refund the complete amount to customer without any deduction withn 10-15 days. However, we would not reimburse customer for any expenses (Such as, Hotel, Airline, Flight/Rail Ticket etc) but the amount paid by customer to Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator!.
  30. We adhere complete loyalty towards our customer and we ensure that the data such as Email, Address, Mobile no would not be used for any other purpose but for duty execution, feedback, Helios communication etc. Customers accepting the terms and condition also accept that by default they would be placed in our newsletter repository and on timely basis would receive info and offers about Helios India either by mode of Mail, SMS or Voiced Calls (Or for internal promotional activities).
  31. The cab Service/Model which was reserved earlier by a customer online cannot be actually made Executed/available due to restrictions by local cab associations in that geographical region, which are beyond controls of Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator!. In such a case Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! will make a full refund.
  32. Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! follow lost and found policy. However, we don’t take any responsibility of reimburse, loss of goods if not found.
  33.  We as a merchant shall be under no responsibility in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the pre-set limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.
  34. Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! can change the terms, policies, refund methods or any declaration without anyone’s concern. This right would strictly remain with the management of Helioscabs, Mumbai Car Rental Aggregator! and there shall be no observations or suggestions or opposition entertained in any which ways.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

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car rental in mumbai
car rental in mumbai