mumbai to shirdi car rental

Mumbai to Shirdi Car Rental

mumbai to shirdi car rental

About Shirdi
Shirdi a small town in Maharashtra, India where all the religions are respected equally. This place is considered as one the most holy place in India and it’s a favourite saying that reaching on Shirdi’s soil all your difficulties are rectified and you start getting results in your favour, provided you come with right intention and right cause. Followers of Shirdi believe in saying that this is the place where devotion is never gone unheard, patience never goes unpaid, where there is no place of ego, mindfulness is found in devotees  and many more. This is the place where you would find all colors of prayers, devotion, faith etc.

Shirdi is a place which belongs to a holy saint who has always remained selfless and remained dedicated/concerned towards other pain. He was Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj – and now known as SAIBABA. He preached every one lessons of equality, respect among each other, belief in power who take cares of everything living and non living  on this earth or in universe. Shirdi is place where it is common to hear “SABK A Malik EK”. Uncountable devotees on regular basis keep visiting this holy place called “SHIRDI”. It is situated at Ahmednagar-Manmad Highway and people from Mumbai prefer to Driver or hire/rent a vehicle/car to visit this place. Approx 250 km run from Mumbai which shall be a drive of 5-6 hours devotees can reach Shirdi.

There is strict timetable followed in terms of prayers or daily activities, which are as follows;

Program Time
Bhoopali 04.15am
Morning Aarti (Kakad Aarti) 04.30 am
Holy Bath 05.05 am
Darshan Starts 05.40 am onwards
Madyan Aart 12.00 noon
Dhoop Aarti Sunset
Night Aarti (Shej Aarti) 10.30 pm
Abhishek Pooja 07.00 am & 09.00 am (Abhishek Hall)
Satyanarayan Pooja 07.00 am, 9.00 am, 11.00 am & 01.00 pm

People believe that Kakad Aarti and Shej Aarti as most auspicious time to visit the temple. There is no dearth of Accommodations at SHIRDI as the large amount of devotees flock in SHIRDI, you would find various options of accommodations and food fitting in your budget. SHIRDI is a self-sufficient town in MAHRASHTRA and its popularity is around the globe. Shirdi trip tops amongst favourite locations for all mumbaikars or patrons coming to Mumbai and so is the major chunk in business of car rentals in Mumbai.  Hiring car from Helioscabs comes with many advantages to make trip to shirdi memorable and hassle free, as we have trained and experienced drivers to offer best of services. We understand need of customers and offer best of planned services as a token of trust on Helioscabs.  Helioscabs offer range of vehicles to suit our customers’ requirement or for the matter of fact no of PAX travelling and the range starts from Sedan level and goes upto TT or BUS.  Helioscabs is your eventual destination if you are planning to hire a car for trip from Mumbai to Shirdi.

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mumbai to shirdi car rental
mumbai to shirdi car rental