mumbai to mahabaleshwar car rental

Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar Car Rental

mumbai to mahabaleshwar car rental

About Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar trip would definitely take your breath away, a must visit place for all Mumbai or Pune people at the time of summer. Pleasant temperature, peaks, ghats, flora , valles etc , all reside here. Every day at Mahabaleshwar is an experience that you shall count on and definitely this place doesn’t come at the list of “To be missed”. This name is Sanskrit derived and has a meaning Maha- Great , Bal-Power, Eshwar- God put together to form Mahabaleshwar and it means “God of Great Powers”. You would find too many options in terms of visits and spots and definitely it is not a place to be covered in hours or one day. Do keep couple of days if you really wish to explore beauty of Mahabaleshwar! Well connected places and no spot is too difficult to reach. Hiring a car could be a better option as all spots are connected with roads making the trip faster and easier. Travellers frequently visit this place as this place has too many things to offer Ghats, Plateau, Flora, Soaring Mountains, Cool breeze almost everything that you expect from nature. A small ride from the city there is place called Venna Lake and it has its own charm. You would find flock of tourists crowding at this place at every single day. Boat Riding, Horse Riding, Paani Puri, Chaat, Game stalls, Market etc. are the speciality of this place. Moving on further you would find a place called panchagani, famous for huge and beautiful strawberry farms and if don’t wish to go towards Panchagani then in the heart of Mahabaleshwar  you would find chocolate factory and strawberry farms famously known as Mapro Garden.
Mahabaleshwar is all beautiful hill range and this place offers various famous spots to explore such nature fantasy, to name a few;

  1. Babington Point,  Dhom dam
  2. Old Mahabaleshwar and the famous Panchganga Mandir
  3. Arthur's Seat
  4. Kate's Point
  5. Needle Hole Point / Elephant Point
  6. Wilson Point
  7. 3 Monkey Point
  8. Pratapgad

Fill your nature’s appetite with what Mahabaleshwar’s offering. You would also find various Resorts and hotel to suit your convenience, preference and pocket. Helios India is offering Car rental in Mumbai for this route as well and you can hire your vehicle from our portal and enjoy this beautiful nature’s offering.

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mumbai to mahabaleshwar car rental
mumbai to mahabaleshwar car rental